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6 Essential Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast


Whether you do it as a hobby, to learn new skills or just to save money, DIY projects can be made significantly easier by adding a few new power tools to your collection. We at RatedToolbox have compiled a list of the 6 Essential Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast.

Working down our list of 6 Essential Power Tools, you will soon recognise how just a select few tools will be used 95% of the time in your projects.

Here are 6 Essential Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast:


#1 - The Cordless Drill/Driver

DIY Power Tools - DEWALT Drill

This really is at the core of any DIY enthusiasts collection, the Cordless Drill will be first to hand in most wood based project. Buying a quality drill will see you through a decade of DIY projects and be powerful, lightweight and easy to use.

 - What to look for in a Cordless Drill:

  • Battery - If you can stretch to the cost, a Lithium Ion battery comes highly recommended. Lithium batteries will supply the power tool with extended battery life and charging times are far superior.
  • Power - A Cordless drill lacking in power is of little use to the DIY enthusiast.
  • Weight/Feel - A comfortable power tool allows freedom and precision. The battery position should balance the drill when in use.
  • Compatibility - If a cordless drill is your first investment into the world of DIY, remember batteries are interchangeable within the manufacturer. It makes sense to buy cordless tools from the same brand.

  - Cordless Drills we recommend:

#2 - Jigsaw

DIY Power Tools - Bosch Jigsaw

Great for cutting sheet materials and essential for curves and shapes. The Jigsaw is a versatile and easy to use power tool. With the ability to change the blade and setup depending on the material and accuracy required.

 - What to look for in a Jigsaw:

  • Visibility - The ability to see the line when cutting is essential, choose a jigsaw with a clear view around the blade.
  • Easy Blade Change - Blades can be easy to break when stressed too much so an easy blade change is important.
  • Blade Adjustment - Whether cutting straight thick material or curved accurate cutting, adjustment is important.

 - Jigsaws we recommend:


#3 - Mitre Saw

DIY Power  Tools - Makita Mitre Saw

Owning a mitre saw will transform your DIY projects, accelerating them and adding unparalleled levels of accuracy. The mitre saw will be the biggest expense in your power tool collection and understandably you may be reluctant to buy one. If you decide to go ahead you will not regret it!

 - What to look for in a Mitre Saw:

  • Sliding or Fixed - A sliding saw will allow for cutting of larger materials but will increase the cost
  • Mitre and Bevel Capacity - A minimum of 45 degrees is preferred for cutting angles. The capability to move both left and right is an added bonus on some saws.

 - Mitre Saws we recommend:

When restoring furniture or giving your DIY project a super fine finish, a power sander is an essential part of your power tool collection. An orbital sander is the most versatile of the power sanders and with the correct sand paper will give an unbeatable finish.

 - What to look for in an Orbital Sander:

  • Disk Size - Too big you won't reach those hard to reach areas. Too small and it could create indents in the finish.
  • Comfort - An orbital sander can sometimes be used for extended periods so a comfortable handle can be a game changer.

 - Orbital Sanders we recommend:

#5 - Impact Driver

If you are serious about your DIY projects and Impact Driver can make your life easier and save time. By being paired with your Cordless Drill, an impact driver will drive in any screw with ease. The compact and lightweight design gives this power tool a high satisfaction rate.

 - What to look for in an Impact Driver:

  • Compatibility - Buying an impact driver with a compatable battery to your cordless drill is a smart move. It will save you money and time on batteries.
  • Control - A trigger with speed control is a must, and it will save you over screwing into the timber.

 - Impact Drivers we recommend:

#6 - Power Planer

DIY Power Tools - Planer

Having the ability to accurately remove material up to 2 mm at a time can be a real blessing, this is why the Power Planer makes the number 6 Essential Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast. Corded or battery powered the power planer will give a smooth fine finish to your timber DIY project.

 - What to look for in a Power Planer:

  • Adjustment - Wanting to remove 0.1 mm or 2 mm? A clear and accurate adjustment is essential for accuracy.
  • Comfort - A comfortable and easy to use planer will allow for increased precision and control

 - Power Planers we recommend:


Thank you for checking out 6 Essential Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast. Be sure to explore RatedToolbox for the latest Power Tool Reviews. Visit the Power Tool Forum for Power Tool related discussion and advise.

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